Baby It's Cold Outside!
Rice Pack Crafty

I don't know about you but I hate being cold!   This simple rice pack craft activity is practical, inexpensive, and appropriate for any age.   Best of all, it will certainly help keep your students warm during those cold winter nights. 

Click here
for the free step-by-step instructions and adorable directions of use.

I hope you enjoy this free crafty. 
Thank you for your feedback and may your winter be full of warm and cozy moments!

  You may also like this 3-4 step winter themed sequencing activity.  
I want to thank all of my bloggie followers with this Freebie.  Just click on the picture to download.  

Have a wonderful holiday and 
God Bless Us Everyone!  

Welcome to my Freebie Page!
You will find my current products below.  

Your students' motivation and generalization will certainly improve with these incentive punch cards:  

And here is a freebie student directed rubric (I have lots of rubrics on my TPT site) on Active Listening Skills.

Pizza Scramble is a fun and engaging freebie activity.  Check it out:

I'm really proud of my first graphic product which addresses rate of speech. 

I saw this in Family Fun Magazine this month.  What a great activity to get outdoors with our students.   Tasks can be placed on squares or student may complete a speech or language task before he/she takes a turn.  Loving the warm weather.

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