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SLP Blog Hop- Topic: Student Accountability

Welcome SLP Blog Hoppers!

I'm so happy you've found my page.  We SLP bloggers have been working hard for the past month to get ready for this huge blog hop.  
Use the linky tools at the bottom of the page to hop from blog to blog collecting freebies, SLP ideas, and the secret code words.  When you have collected all 17 to form the secret message you will be able to enter and win some great prizes.  

About me:  My name is Jennifer Moses and I'm an SLP for grades 4-8 in a public school.

As my screen name 
(SLPrunner)would imply , I run.  I ran my first 1/2 marathon in March and am running one again in September.  The thing is, I have a hard time getting and staying motivated and I need accountability.  For this reason, I chose my screen name, have a bumper sticker on my car that reads "Runner Girl," and lately I've been engaging my Facebook Followers for weekly motivation, inspirational quotes, and tips.   The accountability helps me to stay on track (pun-haha).  I know how tough it is to stay focused on a goal and often think of my students on my runs.  

Many times our students don't know why they are receiving services and/or may not be motivated to make changes.  How do we increase student motivation, ownership, progress, and carry-over of skills?  I've found that student-directed rubrics and punch cards are great ways to accomplish this.

Student directed rubrics are developed with the student and for the student to have an active role in assessment.  In turn, the SLP has data documentation to share with parents, RTI groups, and IEP teams.  In addition, the generalization rate may improve as students, para-educators and classroom teachers use the rubrics in other settings.

If you haven't already downloaded my free student rubric for active listening click on the rubric below:  

Another fun idea to improve generalization is to use punch cards:  Here is a new freebie that may be used in and out of the SLP room.  

Many of my products include Common Core Aligned rubrics.  You can save time and start your year off in the right direction with this Pragmatic Language Rubric Collection: 

Click photo: $3.40

You won't want to miss more tips, promotions, freebies, and fun on my Facebook Page!  Follow me at:  https://www.facebook.com/slprunner

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Thanks for hanging out with me and have fun on the rest of your blog hopping adventure.  

Blog Hop:
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Good Luck Everyone!  

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  1. Good luck with your half marathon! I'm trying to do another 5k-that's as long as I can run I think at the end of September. I love the punch card idea!


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  3. You certainly hit the nail on the head when you commented that many kids do not really know what they are working with us. Last year when I was at the high school, I asked all my kids why they came to see me. I was fairly surprised to hear many of them say "Because it's on my schedule." Having a systematic way for students to be aware of what their goals are and the progress they are making (since many of the older kids ask how much longer they'll need to come) is an important piece of what we do. Thanks for these creative ideas.

  4. I like the idea of shifting the responsibility from the SLP to the student so the student needs to know what they are working on and how they are doing. this is the ONLY way to teach self-monitoring and progress. And unfortunately, many SLPs actually skip this step so its great you shared your rubric here! Also good luck with the running!!! Keep it up!

  5. Love the rubric and punch cards! And I'm very impressed with the running.

  6. So, I must say, I looove your blog....runner SLP (personally training for my first half marathon in November), the chevrons, stripes, and polka dots (just lovely to the eye) AND social pragmatic language materials (and lots of them). This might be my new favorite spot to visit! I am new to blogging, but think I will be adding a link to your blog so that I can easily hop back over. I'll be following you on TPT and I am so grateful for your 50% off deal, how generous! My students will greatly benefit. Thank you!

  7. I love reading all of the nice responses. Thank you so much everybody. Looking forward to the TPT sale coming soon.

  8. I WANT YOUR PUNCH CARDS! haha they are such a cool idea!!! Thanks for sharing! Love seeing new ideas for incentives!

  9. OH Man I love this post!! I just did a lesson with my push in classes this week about active listening- we are SO going to use your rubric!! Thank you so much- what a great idea! Also love the punch cards and I think SLPs everywhere are dying for some way to address prosody and intonation - wow so much great info packed in one post! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Thanks so much for your nice comments. You've made my day!!!