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"S...Peachy" Feedback Linky Party

It's time to link up!  Allison is hosting her monthly 'Speachy Feedback Linky Party' where we celebrate those kind teacherspayteachers shoppers who leave comprehensive feedback.

I choose this detailed feedback by rkoonerup about my 
little Questioning Owls for tonight's linky party.  

rkoonerup please email me at jenng12slp@gmail.com for your choice of a free product from my store.

I think Questioning Owls is my favorite cover page.  It was inspired by a friendly crow whom I met at a petting zoo.  He puffed up his belly and called out "Who-what-when-where-why?"   I didn't know crows could talk before that day. 

Questioning Qwls is available at my Teacherspayteachers and Teacher's Notebook stores.  

To all of my followers:  If you haven't already-hop on over to my Facebook page before 8PM (EST) to receive Caramel Apples as a freebie language/cooking activity.  Just click on the Fall Frenzy Tab.

Be sure to check out all of the linkys at Allison's page:  Speechpeeps

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