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November Bargain Calendar Activities!

Did you know that starting in 2007, most of the US and Canada observe Daylight Savings Time from the second Sunday in March to the first 
Sunday in November?   

My calendar activities are the best bang for your buck in my store because they are updated for free each year!   That's right- you can use these calendar activities year-after-year.   I will update the calendars at my TPT store and you will receive e-mail notification when you can download the following years' activities free of charge. 
                  November 2013 Calendar Activities  include
5 quality activities that incorporate the skills of inferencing, sequencing, following directions, referencing, and working on spatial and temporal concepts.     Great for elementary students, life skills programs, and students receiving language services. 

November Fun Facts- Introduce exciting and important facts about the month.  

Create-your-Own Calendar- students personalize their very own calendar with important school and home activate (i.e. 1/2 day Friday, spelling test on Monday). 

Talking Turkeys is an activity for calendar referencing.  The students answer questions based on a holiday-filled calendar. i.e. "My sister's birthday is ten days after Veteran's Day.  Will her birthday fall on a weekend?" 

Calendar Concepts- Student follows directions and transfers them onto a calendar (i.e. Draw a clock on the third of the month).  

Tommy's Busy Schedule- the calendar is packed with activities for Tommy.  Students need to reference the activity-filled calendar to answer questions. (i.e. "When is the Thanksgiving Play taking place?")

A detailed description of the activities is included as well as an answer sheet for students to check their work.  

This is a purchase that you will treasure year-after-year! 
 Click on any picture for November 2013 Calendar Activities. 

My best to you in your teaching adventure.  

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