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Tasty Expression Freebie!

It can be challenging to incorporate hands-on fun with my middle level students, but when I came up with this idea I knew it would be a hit.
My students LOVE candy and with Easter coming up there are an abundance of jelly bean flavors and options out there.  Fun and unique flavors like: buttery popcorn, dill pickle, toasted marshmallow, and spicy cinnamon open up a variety of subjective and objective descriptor words.  And the more traditional flavors of strawberry, grape, peach, and of course black licorice (love it or hate it)  can be found at any drug or grocery store. 

Because of the wide array of flavors, I thought it would be fun to work on using descriptive words to describe the jelly beans.  My students have been using the words "good" and "bad" way too much lately and this activity has stirred up their creative expression.  

Download the freebie to see how your students can also become connoisseurs of jelly beans.  

This activity would be great for those spring observations and is a wonderful way to incorporate many goals of expressive language. 

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  1. Such a cute idea.... and I LOVE jelly beans :)

    Thank you!

  2. This is a great idea. Thanks for offering it for free!

  3. No problem. I'm glad you can use it.

  4. Love this activity!! My older students always like food rewards so now I can use the jelly beans as an activity. Thanks.!