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You down with EET? Yeah, it's now Spring!

I am an EET fanatic!   I love Sara Smith's Expanding Expression Tool and the wonderful array of products that accompany the kit!  My students show fast, steady progress with this tool and parents and teachers can easily understand the cueing system to assist in the generalization process.  It's been almost a full year of incorporating the EET into my language goals and I love that I have solid baseline and progression data to share at IEP meetings and when writing progress notes.  

This season I am excited to bring on the bloom!  It's been a dreadfully cold and bitterly long winter in Vermont and we are finally getting a break in the weather.  My students and I were ready for some color and cheer so we've been assembling the Dazzling Daisies bulletin board.  The bulletin board inspiration comes from this great border sign and daisy cut outs which can be found at Scholastic.  

My EET Companion product has bulletin board size printables along with multiple colorful picture targets and black/white or color daisies.  The activities may stand alone as a describing lesson and/or may be used with the EET.  A favorite part of mine is the introduction to using EET for writing.  This is a first for me (going from verbal EET to written) and my students are showing an ease of transition.  

You may purchase this entire product for only $3.00 at Teacherspayteachers or at my Teachers Notebook store.  Click the pictures to directly take you to Dazzling Daisies.
Thanks for hanging out with me on this beautiful day!

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  1. Love it! Wish I could buy it, but I "gave up" TpT for LENT! It's on my wish list!

  2. So funny! I should have given up Clip Art for Lent. Thanks for your comment!