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Helping hands! Card holder creations.

Years ago my co-worker made these fabulous and functional card holders for my students.  I needed more for larger groups and since I'm no carpenter, I decided to find some alternatives.  
In this image, students are playing an inferencing game from  Tie Dye Language
Duct Tape
My child is obsessed with duct tape wallets.  She's made one for every family member and is moving on to her classmates. It was no surprise to me that she found this great use for the wallets.  
Pool Noodles   
I love this one since it's inexpensive and so simple to make.  I could make 6 card holders with just one $1 noodle!

Snapping Blocks  
These are so popular!  This simple arrangement was made by snapping together two lines which formed a natural slot to hold up the cards. 
Or you could have your critical thinkers create something a bit more elaborate like this one.  
Check out Allison's blog at No Time For Flashcards for these fantastic ideas using everyday household items. 
I would love for you to share your helping hands ideas.  Feel free to share on my Instagram and Facebook page!


  1. Those are such GREAT ideas!!!

  2. I am in awe of how creative these idea are! My favorite has to be the pool noodles!

  3. Fabulous ideas! My husband always made me wooden ones - all of which I've given away - but I really like the pool noodle idea! Have to share it with teachers I work with.

  4. Thank you for you comments! I can't believe what those pool noodles can be used for. They are so versatile.