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The best thing I learned this summer!

And we're off!  Our first Frenzied SLP linky party and I'm so excited!  We have been working hard behind the scenes to bring you a collection of the most trending topics.  We invite all SLP bloggers to link up and welcome everyone's comments and feedback below.  

Here's the best thing I learned this summer!
I attended a Learning and The Brain Conference in Wellfleet, Mass (Cape Cod).  I know, lucky me!  Funny story: I did my first PeriscopeTV while walking to the conference and got lost on the way home because I wasn't paying attention.  Anyway, I learned a whole lot about the neuropsychology of learning and have highlighted the subcategories of the three areas of learning discussed. Today I bring you reading!

 As you are probably aware, language plays a huge role in reading and SLPs are a critical part of the collaboration team.  I hope these subtype breakdowns help you to better understand the learning processes of reading.  This knowledge can assist an RTI team, evaluation team, as well as inform parents of your role in the academic subject areas.  
90% of referrals in elementary are for Dysphonetic Dyslexia. 
Brain research shows that the brain can change! 
What is LD? learning disabilities or learning dormancy? 
 We fire the brain with interventions to wake it up!  
Frequency of services always beats duration.  
The younger kids tend to remediate, older kids tend to compensate. 

Follow my blog to see upcoming posts on the neuropsychology of writing and math!  Yes, we have a critical role in MATH~especially with Common Core.


  1. Thanks for opening up the linky to all SLP bloggers!
    The conference sounds like it was interesting; you got a lot of information from it!

  2. Very interesting! Looking forward to more!
    All Y’all Need

  3. Excellent reference! Thanks for highlighting the key points visually!!

  4. Fascinating! One of my take aways from ASHA Schools was this: " Every student with dyslexia has a language difficulty." Imagine how that would affect our caseloads if we had an opportunity to evaluate all those students!

  5. Great information! I work with many students with Dyslexia- thanks for sharing!

  6. Sounds like you learned a lot! Thanks so much for sharing, and thanks so much for your work in getting this linky together!

  7. Great post! YES, we certainly DO have a role in supporting math!! Basic concepts, vocabulary language comprehension for those word/story problems are just a few ways we can intervene to help students in mathematics. Excellent info on dyslexia.

  8. Great post. I have such a high interest in dyslexia and what our role is as speech-language pathologists with helping children who have this disorder. In order to read, children have to use their language system. We treat language disorders, so why wouldn't we play more of a higher role in this area? It is a mystery why more SLPs aren't on board like you are. Your brain conference sounded super interesting and I wish I could have been there too! :) Manda

  9. The brain is so amazing!! That conference sounds so interesting! As SLPs, I think we all need to learn more about dyslexia. SOoooo many of my kids are affected by it. Keep the brain posts coming!

  10. Such an interesting post-I can't wait to read more about your brain posts!

  11. Thanks for this linky party! I finally wrote my blog post. Took me forever! :)