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Can you describe a Thinga-ma-jigger? Freebie included!

I've been throwing out hints on my Instagram page this week about my little surprise. Many of you have responded that you too have one of these commercial mop contraptions at your school. For years I've been thinking it reminds me of the Thinga-ma-jigger from Dr. Seuss's The Cat In The Hat. Do you agree?
This year, I finally decided to re-create the cleaning machine and rallied my students to help. We used our executive functioning skills to visualize the big picture and plan along the way. Students brainstormed materials, created a list, and sequenced step-by-step instructions. We used latex gloves, mega phones, blow horns, a broom, spinners, and made spirals out of construction paper. We also borrowed lots of slinky sound tubes from our OT friends. 

Drum roll please....

Isn't it fun!

Our school maintenance staff were so accommodating and even agreed to drive it around for the week while wearing the signature red and white top hat!
No theme would be complete without a cool activity to go with it. I created a freebie describing activity to use as a stand-alone activity or Expanding Expression Tool Companion. You can see above that I started my bulletin board where students will display their work. 

Click HERE for link
I would love to see your Thinga-ma-jiggers and/or bulletin board! Just share your pix on my Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter page. Hope you have a whimsical week! 

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