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What's in Your Cart~ Linky Party

Thanks so much Jenna from Speech Room News for hosting a What's In Your Cart Linky Party!  Get your carts ready, my friends! Teachers Pay Teachers is having their Back to School BEST YEAR EVER sale August 1st & 2nd! Save up to 28% site wide (with the stores who are participating) with promo code BESTYEAR.  

My cart is already stuffed with new resources and clip art! I'm glad that they decided to have the sale earlier this year so that we can get things printed, copied, laminated, etc. before students come back.

New in my store:
I have some new products in my store that I'm excited to share with you. 
I'm most excited about My IEP and Me, mainly because my first two weeks of lessons are covered with this product as well as all of my students questions regarding why they receive services and what they can do to take ownership of their learning.
I have to admit that this product was totally inspired by the adorable clip art! I mean how cute are these little weiner dogs!!! Shades of Meaning is common core aligned and great for students needing help understanding subtle differences between words.

What's in my cart? 
I'm needing to update my articulation materials and these products are anything but basic. 

Activity Tailor has a super unique product for tackling /s/blends. Check it out: 
These Artic Pix from Gold Country SLP are age appropriate for the upper grade students whom I work with. Looking forward to having these beautiful pix to pull from. 
Jen from Speech Universe has this new comprehensive Articulation Progress Moitoring Kit which I can't wait to get my hands on. I believe this will make data tracking so much easier. 
I was blown away by Jenna's blog post on her new Speech and Language Learning Targets product. Check it out and don't miss this great deal during the sale! 

Let's shoot for the stars and have The BEST YEAR EVER! 
My entire SLP Runner store will be 28% off including already reduced bundles. Remember to use the code:BESTYEAR


  1. Thanks for sharing. Your IEP and ME looks fabulous!

  2. My IEP and Me looks fabulous. You have developed such amazing products for the population you treat! They are truly lucky students!

    1. You are always so kind. Thanks so much Sparklle!

  3. My IEP and me looks like an amazing resource! Great list!