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I'm really excited to share with my Apraxia Sports Bundle for upper grades My students LOVE when I pull these out because they know they'll get to move. Pacing strategies and boards are included in each product and I emphasize the importance of slowing down and being deliberate in their speech production.

My best-selling apraxia product in the bundle is Multi-Syllabic Hoops which incorporates the basketball theme. I bring students to the gym, outside, or just push aside the table and have them dribble out the syllables. The kinesthetic paired with visual and verbal really makes an impact on learning and carry over.  

I bring movement into soccer themed by having students kick the ball back and forth, students toss a soft baseball for the All Star theme, and pass the foam football to each other for my Touch Down apraxia game.

Bringing movement into your work with upper grade students is just as important as with the younger grades. Brain research indicates that we learn best when we pair Kinesthetics with learning a skill area. It also gets the endorphins flowing which brings on a happy mood and a calmer day.  Most importantly, kids LOVE it!


  1. Love the tips and that you make it easy to include movement for older kids!

  2. Great idea to add movement for the older ones! I think we sometimes forget that they need to move around, too!

  3. GREAT idea to incorporate movement! The materials look highly motivating, too!!