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My Holiday Freebies~ gifts to you.

If you're like me, this time of year is super busy and money is tight. I wanted to keep my students engaged with fun seasonal activities and needed many repetitions so I created the following low cost and free-to-you ideas.  

1. Holiday Dots- I know, easy-right! I posted this on Instagram and received a lot of positive feedback and hearts. Simply cut out or punch out (if you have one of those cool large hole punches) and start creating. I give my students one circle per repetition. There are 25 reps on this page alone. 
2. O Christmas Tree of Speech- I have a craft drawer filled with materials that rarely get touched. I haven't used these pom poms since I created my Warm Fuzzy EET Companion. I got the idea to use these fuzz balls as color ornaments for a Christmas Tree. Click here to download the FREE template. 
3. Believe Printables- I also had a bag full of bells in my junk, I mean craft, drawer. This sparked the idea of a Polar Express theme complete with hot chocolate, video clips, and a special gift for my younger students. Just tie some ribbon around the handle of the bell and loop it around this FREE Believe Printable for a magical gift to remember. Click Here. 

I wish all of you a wonderful holiday filled with much love and good cheer. Thank you for being loyal fans and followers. I truly appreciate you. ~ Jen
Click for holiday craft ideas

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