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Ice Cream Anyone?

It's getting hot in VT.  My office is on the third floor and is the hottest room in the school.  What better way to cool down than have ice cream!!! 

Our cooking class made single serving ice cream in plastic bags.  It was such an easy activity and I was certain it wouldn't turn out- but it did!   

Freebie- excellent recipe for language skills.  Step-by-step following directions, visuals, sequencing.  

Click HERE for Rachel Lynette's awesome freebie:  
Free common core with writing ideas from Ms. Beetie-samantha blog HERE! 

This all went well with Ice Cream Emotions, my latest product which helps students learn feeling vocabulary.  I've added some higher level vocabulary words (i.e. parched, famished, astonished) which makes this activity most appropriate for learning levels grades 4-8.  There are also many "create your own" cones for more activities.  Check it out HERE! 


  1. Kids love making ice cream in plastic bags and I am impressed with your ice cream emotions activity. I am now following your blog and TPT store!

  2. Sounds fun! Thanks for entering your information. I'm now following you.

    Oh, How Pintearesting!