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Tie Dye Language!

Let me give you the skinny on my new far out product!

Tie Dye Language is jam-packed with 8 activities in the areas of idioms, inferencing, similes/metaphors, multiple meaning words, and identifying emotions. + Data Progress Charts for each activity.  
Middle and Upper Grade Language Activies!

Mulitple Meaning Words: Students identify two meanings of sixties themed slang/multiple meaning words and create a story (not shown) with the vocabulary words. 

Mood Ring Match: The students read/listen to sentences and use the mood ring color chart to identify which person is wearing what color ring. 

Inferencing: "I Have…Who Has?"(28 cards) is a super fun game of using those higher level language
Color Idioms- A rainbow of colors in these idioms (48 total).

Similes or Metaphor?  - This activity (2 pages) has students using definition page (not shown) to identify if the sentence contains a simile or a metaphor.  In addition, student needs to underline the figurative language.  
These are just a few of the many colorful activities you'll find it here:Tie Dye Language

Also included are Data Points for each activity!  

Easily document student progress!
Baseline + at least 2 data points per activity.  

See full size example below. 
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  1. Groovy, man!!! It's in my cart!

  2. You're going to love it! I think it's my fav product. Redownload for the new data tracking sheets just added today.