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Heart garland!

My classroom is overflowing with these cheerful, easy-to-make heart chains.  
I've provided instructions for teacher use or you could use as a fun activity for working on the goals of sequencing, following directions, and expressive language.  
Student use:
                   1. Cut out the pictures and have students assemble in correct sequence.
                2.  Students make a chain of hearts according to directions.
                3.  Students use their own words to explain how to make a heart wreath.  
1.  Cut 1 inch strips of colored paper
2.  fold the paper in half with fold facing down

                                           3.  staple the fold and loop downward into a heart

                                          4.  hold the heart in place as you fold a second strip
                                               of paper onto the bottom of the heart
                                            5.  staple the fold and repeat and repeat until
                                                 you have the desired length.  Put a final staple
                                                 on the bottom of the last heart.  
I hope you enjoy these festive decorations!

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