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Make your own Plinko Game

Come on down, you're the next contestant in 
Speech and Language Plinko!  

I'm a big fan of The Price Is Right, especially the old episodes with Bob Barker as the host, and I always longed to play Plinko!  In fact, one item on my bucket list was to be on the game show.  I even stood in line in Hollywood, but sadly missed the cut off.  So when I saw this Instagram (regram) by Pediastaff, I just had to try it for myself!  

These are not technical instructions as box sizes and creativity will vary.  
Cut a large cardboard box to the size board you desire and bend the backing to make it stand.  Use a hot glue gun to adhere clear straws to the sides of the Plinko panel.  The straws are cut to make 9 rows leading towards the winning numbers.   Paint sides of the board with acrylic paint.  Insert colored thumb tacks about 1 inch apart with enough space for marbles   Cut glue sticks as marble stoppers at the bottom of the board.  Let dry and give it a try.  

I did not include graphics because everyone's board size will be different.  You may create-your-own or search online for suitable graphics.   
* Warning: The thumbtacks did go through the cardboard.  I folded the extra cardboard as a backing and duct taped it to make as a stand.  You may also cover the thumbtack backs with duct tape or adhere a piece of cardboard to make a backing.  
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