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Earth Day Ideas

This is an Earth Day middle school project lead by our special educators.  

Hey all,  I was trying to complete a freebie for you but just couldn't seem to get it all together during this crazy time of year.  Instead I'll share with you how I'm celebrating Earth Day with my students.
                                                                      I'm so proud to be a part of a school that values recycling.

1. Outside: We are taking services outside to green up.

a.  EET students will be donning the medical gloves to pick up trash and describe their finds.

b.  Social skills groups will learn how to add some mindfulness strategies to their bag of tools by using sense meditation.  Students will experience the sense of walking, sounds of nature, and feeling of the outdoors.

c.  Articulation students will search for their sound in the great outdoors.

2.  Touring the Building: I work at an amazing school that focuses on reducing, reusing, and recycling.   We have a full composting program which has tremendously reduced our landfill contribution.  You won't see more than one bag of garbage each day in our cafeteria which serves almost 400 students!  We also have filtered water fountains throughout our school.  Students are encouraged to bring their own reusable water bottles to school to fill up.   My students will tour the building in search of ways that our school celebrates Earth Day every day, and they will sequence their thoughts and language by writing a paragraph about their finds.

3.  Figurative Language:  You know I'm all about the themed idioms!  Here are 10 idioms that I plan to teach that pair nicely with Earth Day: 1. Down to Earth 2. World of Difference 3. Out of this World 4. Tree Hugger 5. Green Thumb 6. Call of Nature 7. Salt of the Earth 8. Heaven on Earth 9. Where on Earth 10. Earth Shattering.


  1. OhMyGosh I LOVE LOVE LOVE your ideas!!! WOW! Kudos to your school; I wish we would implement some of those things! Looks like you have a very enlightening and GREEN day ahead, Jen! Happy Earth Day!

  2. Thanks so much Mia~ you are such a ray of sunshine!