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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Pirate Linky Party

Thanks for hosting this fun linky party Tracy at Gold Country SLP.  I'm a little late in the game because I just released my first pirate product!    
Pirates for upper grades is perfect fun to engage your older students.  It uses inferencing and context clues to learn new vocabulary words while students attempt to fill their treasure chests and avoid the pirates.  Check it out HERE

I have the following pirate activities in my cart!
Have fun and head back to Gold Country SLP's page for more link up activities.  


  1. Thank you so much for linking up! Your activities look GREAT!!!! Tracy

  2. Love your product for upper grades! Going to check it out!

  3. Love the new blog graphics! So adorable! Your new product looks fabulous...makes me want to work with middle school students:)

  4. Great product for older students to join in the pirate fun!!

  5. Your product looks SO fun!
    Karen (The Pedi Speechie)

  6. I love working on inferencing and vocabulary! This looks great!

  7. This looks fantastic and is in my treasure chest...errr. cart! I always need materials for the older set!