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A Kiss for all season!

I just came back from Rite Aid where they had some great holiday sale buys.  I snagged up some wrapping paper, games for my students, and a couple of bags of holiday candy.  The "best before" date on the candy was October 2015 (it's Dec. 2014 now) so I knew it would be good for a while.  Here is one idea on how to extended the life your your holiday treats.  
You can use this simple trick with M&Ms, Skittles, Reeses, and just about any Christmas colored candy!  If you have extra Hershey Kisses, check out the official site HERE to find many yummy treats.    Also remember that most baked goods and chocolate may be frozen and pulled out when you need them for your special class parties.  



  1. Thanks so much. Unfortunately, my kids ate them all after the photo shoot for this post. haha, really!