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No snow? Make some magic!

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It's a green Christmas in Vermont and my kids are wishing for snow so I pulled out the package of magical crystals that they got from Santa.  Snow was so easy to make as it only required the package of crystals and a cup of water.  Although they couldn't take out the new sled, the girls enjoyed making snowballs and squishing the white concoction through their little fingers.  

I can't locate the "Just Like Snow" product that we used, but found these similar instant snow making products available at Amazon.  These had the best ratings and ship free with Prime.

Free Option
Sodium Polymer, also known as water lock, is used to make fake snow and is found in laundry detergents, thickening agents, and disposable diapers.  My kids are out of diapers, but if you have disposable diapers, you can make snow!  Use the cotton center of the diaper by cutting it into small pieces, placing the pieces in a bucket, and pouring between 2-4 cups of water on the pieces.  Voila, snow!  

Whether real or artificial, snow is great for sensory bins, teaching thematic units, weather related activities, and just plain fun for the sake of fun.  

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