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Top Board Games of 2014.

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Kristin over at Simply Speech had the great idea of sharing favorite board games as a linky party.  I'm always up for a linky party!
My favorites:  

 Turtle Talk is a go-to game as it targets so many language goals.  There is also the added motivation of collecting the colorful foam tokens and spinning the turtle.  

I just purchased Bubble Talk this year and I'm so glad I did.  Laughs can be heard down the hallway as we play this game of social skills.  
You have to be super quick for 5 Second Rule - Just Spit it Out!   Students have to name 3 items in a category within 5 seconds.  As any SLP knows, this skill is used for many goals of oral expression and auditory comprehension.  Great for older kids! 

I love Guess Who and the Electronic version is great for middle school students.  I turn it on when we want to work on attention, following directions, and impulse control.  My students and I have extra fun when we use the funny characters and use the voice of the person whom we have chosen.  

Sequence for Kids just that and perfect for young, non-readers!  It gets those little brains working by using critical thinking and strategy skills.  

 Uno is the game that my students usually choose when they have the option.  I have to get creative with Uno as there are not many opportunities to use language and speech with this game.  However, I find Uno Attack to be a great game for the social skills of sportsmanship, turn-taking, and humor. 

Thanks for visiting my blog.  Head back over to Simply Speech for more game ideas.  

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  1. My students always pick Uno too. Great post!