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Free stuff for your classroom!

If you work with elementary ages you probably have a treasure chest, prize box, craft drawer, and game cabinet!  Parents, grandparents, and daycares are inundated with toys, crafts, pencils, markers, and party favors to stock your classroom!  The truth is that they are dying to declutter and free up some space.    

Don't believe me, let me show you all of the stuff that my kids have hoarded since my last summer clean up.   

Pipe cleaners, beads, and three more drawers full this stuff.  

Cute themed stuff!  
                         Under the Sea                                        Rocks

                         Party Favors:
My all-time hoarder, middle child, has 4 pair of sunglasses, 5 watches, and can you spy the chatter teeth (perfect for SLPs).  


What educator doesn't like stickers? 

Scholastic Stuff:
We buy tons of stuff at the book fairs and just like most kid toys, these get played with for 10 minutes and put in a drawer for eternity.  
Basement Stuff:
I cleaned out the basement today and have a pile for the thrift shop and a box going to my elementary teaching buddy. 

   Coloring Stuff:
I found hundreds of extra crayons and bet some teacher would love to melt down the broken ones to make a colorful creation. 

So there you have it.  A multitude of stuff just from my home that could fill a classroom.  

Post this letter to your Facebook page and I bet you get loads of great stuff for your classroom.  People love to clear their clutter and especially feel good if they can donate to a good cause and a friend.  
 If I were to see this post on Facebook, I would run for my kids' rooms and come out with a garbage bag full of stuff for you.  Grab the letter by clicking HERE.  

And it goes on and on. After I organized my kids rooms, I bought them more stuff.  You see, my oldest two were at a summer sleep-away camp and it was suggested that kids get a care package.   
Maybe I need to be on Horders.  

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