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Calendar Activities of Language Bundle and June FREEBIE!

* Update 9/14/14: Data tracking pages have been added to the bundle in order to track your students' month-to-month progress!   You may grab the progress charts HERE or re-download from teacherspayteachers.  Even if you don't have the entire bundle, these pages will help you keep tabs on the progress from the months that you do have.  Enjoy!

I'm excited to share with you a Year Full of Calendars for Language!  This HUGE bundle has been a year in the works and a labor of love.  My students have shown tremendous growth in their language and calendar skills.  Following directions, temporal/spatial concepts, executive functioning,answering "wh" questions, inferencing, and sequencing are just some of the many goal targets provided in these monthly activities.  

Here are some recent feedback comments:

For me, these calendar activities mean quick monthly prep, routine that students look forward to, functional calendar skills, and tangible language work samples for easy progress/data tracking! 

Not sure if they're for you, try a the month of June free HERE

For those of you who have collected the months of the year along this journey, I have the final July/August month completed HERE:

For those teachers, specialists, and parents who are interested in seeing month-to-month progress this bundle is the way to go.  You will save over 20% off the full price (worth 2 free months + free June). 
 Find it HERE
Purchase the bundle ANY time year as the calendars are updated each calendar year free of charge.  

Thanks for all of your kind words and feedback!  


  1. Thanks so much. I left feedback. You know I love your calendars. I even think two of those feedback comments in this post are mine =)

  2. lol Alison- they probably are. You are so wonderful. I hope you get to enjoy some time off this summer. Thanks for your feedback!

    1. anytime! I love your products. yes, off this summer. you??

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