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Lava lamps, tie dye, and summer language!

Hi friends,  You may have seen my Tie Dye Language unit for higher level language learners.  I have added some fun ideas to go in with this groovy product. 

Lava Lamps!  Who doesn't love lava lamps and their bubbling fun.  I tried out this inexpensive and easy craft with my own children and am sure my older students will LOVE it too.  Here are the directions:  

Why end the fun there.  The "I Have Who Has" inferencing game found in Tie Dye Language, goes through all of the materials and associations with actually tie dying (For example, I have rubber bands, who has something that contains blobs of wax in a glass container?"
  I have never tie dyed before so I had to try this with my own three girls.  Here are the results:  

Following directions, sequencing, vocabulary, and memory recall are just a few of the many language areas that can be targeted through these fun hands-on crafts and activities.

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They all lead up to my many higher-level language activities in Tie Dye Language: students work on multiple meaning words, similes, metaphors, inferencing, idioms, and my favorite moods/emotions (with my Mood Ring match pages).  You can even find mood rings at many dollar stores and in bulk online.  These activities will surly be the highlight of your students' summer service time.  
Click here for my blog post with full details about Tie Dye Language and how it can make your summer planning a breeze.  

Have a rad day! 

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