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What's in Your Cart? Linky Party. Teacher Appreciation Sale!

Thanks so much for hosting another What's in Your Cart? Linky Party.  I'm so excited and honored that Jenna at Speech Room News highlighted my Topic Text Product on her page.  The next TPT store-wide sale is coming up May 6 and 7th.  

Here are some of my wish list items that I'll be purchasing during this last sale of the school year.  

I'm so excited to purchase this app companion activity.  My students and I love the PlayHome Stores app and this companion will be a great addition to help focus on language goals with iPad use.    

I think that this product will be perfect for my older students.  I have a lot of baseball players and problem solving and perspective taking go hand and hand with this activity.  Looking forward to downloading this!  

I put this on my wish list as soon as I saw Speech Time Fun post it on her Facebook page.  What a fabulous fun way to introduce the many shades of meaning.  

I have many spring themed products at my store and I thought I would highlight a few that will be on sale for 20% off.  Use the code TPTXO for an additional 10% off!

This is a comprehensive thematic product for older students who are working on higher level language functions.  There are many printable pages including black and white.  Data forms come with the pages to easily track student progress. 

This is my first Life Skills focus activity on Teacherspayteachers.  I have been using it this week with my students and they are doing so well.  It is  is loaded with 160 matching cards and 20 building cards in both floor and table size, and black/white coloring pages.  Check this one out if you work with the younger population or life skills students.  

Warning: Try these calendar activities and you may get hooked.  I use the activities every month and receive a lot of great feedback on them as well. My students are making steady gains and becoming more skilled at reading a calendar, sequencing, understanding temporal and spatial concepts, and following directions.  

Thanks so much for supporting SLPs on Teacherspayteachers! May this sale bring you materials to make your end of the year planning a breeze.  


  1. Thanks for the interest in my Shades of Meaning Puzzles activity!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! At Target dollar spot I saw some sticky suction balls that I used along side that pack. There is a post on my blog.....the kids ask to play the game all the time.

  3. Thanks for mentioning my app companion!! It's an awesome app, so I hope the companion saves you time!

  4. Hi, I thought that this new teacher-seller website might interest you. They are based in Canada and offer features that are not found on similar sites. They also have a lot of new features coming. Here is a link: Created by Teachers, Exclusively for Teachers