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Thought bubbles freebies!

I have loved using thought bubbles the last couple of months.  I'm not sure why I didn't incorporate these into my social language therapy sooner.  If you're in the same boat, have no fear and read on.  

Have you ever heard of Chogger?   
You must check out this amazing website which allows you and your students to create comics by adding thought and speech bubbles to your pictures.  My sixth graders are currently working with this website and having a blast.  It targets a wide range of meta-cognitive skills as well as social language and syntax.  

 Next up is my little gift to you for Teacher Appreciation and Better Speech and Hearing Month. 

Head on over to my store for my new Thought Bubbles Freebie.  You and your students are sure to get many laughs out of this product.

Here's some more great news! 
The TPT last sale of the school year is going on May 6-7!!! 
 My entire store is 20% off including already reduced bundles! Use the code TPTXO  to get an extra 10% off!  

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