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Holiday Freebie!

I want to thank all of my bloggie followers with this Freebie.  Just click on the picture to download.  

Have a wonderful holiday and 
God Bless Us Everyone!  

Speachy Feedback Linky Party

Allison's Speech Peeps is throwing the monthly Speachy Feedback Linky Party 
and I'm joining in the fun! 

Jessica, I'm so glad you liked my Prosody and Intonation Product and I want to offer you one of my products from my store.  Email me at jenng12slp@gmail.com and let me know which product you would like for free from my store: SLPrunnner 

Rice Pack Crafty Freebie!

Baby It's Cold Outside!
Rice Pack Crafty

I don't know about you but I hate being cold!   This simple rice pack craft activity is practical, inexpensive, and appropriate for any age.   Best of all, it will certainly help keep your students warm during those cold winter nights. 

Click here
for the free step-by-step instructions and adorable directions of use.

I hope you enjoy this free crafty. 
Thank you for your feedback and may your winter be full of warm and cozy moments!

  You may also like this 3-4 step winter themed sequencing activity.  

Teacher's Notebook Sale!

I'm really excited to be a part of Teachers Notebook's largest sale ever!  Some of my products will be featured for build-a-bundle at 50% off!!!  And my entire store will be 20% off including my already reduced bundles.  So treat yourself to the gift of great materials at unbeatable prices and be set to kick off the new year. 
 Happy Holidays!  


Recent brain research has shown that the frontal lobe of the brain is not fully developed until after high school age. This is the area that helps us reason, make good judgments, and problem solve. It helps us to realize the consequences of actions which reduces impulsivity and risky behaviors.
 The scary fact is that social media is inundated with adolescents who may not have the skills to safely and appropriately use these sites. The consequences of posting inappropriate and/or unsafe information about oneself can be devastating. 

I created the Safebook product to help students to think before they post, “like,” or upload photos and videos to social media sites. It targets perspective taking skills by asking students to take on many character roles of people who may be viewing their social media. While beneficial for all ages using social media, it is especially important for students with poor perspective taking skills (ASD), impulsivity (ADHD), and students with decreased ability to understand cause and effect relationships (Learning Disabilities).
Safebook targets judgment, reasoning, safety, cause-effect relationships, perspective taking, and social skills while connecting to real world experiences as found on popular social media sites.

Appropriate for all ages using social media and critical for students with higher level Autism Spectrum Disorders, Attention Deficit Disorder, and students with generalized learning and language weaknesses.

Students can play in a one-on-one setting, small group, or large group. Three types of cards are used to describe ways of interacting on social media: Direct posts, "liked" and linked sites, and pictures and uploaded videos. The comments, "likes", links, and visuals are reviewed through the lens of varying identified persons and determined if they are appropriate, safe, or inappropriate (unexpected).  

 "Know Your Audience" Perspective Taking Board/Mat
 Direct Status Posts
 Photo/Video Uploads
"create-your-own pages

Thumbs Up/Down Chips
Answer Key: including explanations of online: 
Safety, TMI, Negativity, Rudeness, Permission, Bragging
 Thanks for checking out this blog post in an area that I'm very passionate about. Our students can be so vulnerable and I believe that we as educators are able to help our students make smart decisions.  

November Bargain Calendar Activities!

Did you know that starting in 2007, most of the US and Canada observe Daylight Savings Time from the second Sunday in March to the first 
Sunday in November?   

My calendar activities are the best bang for your buck in my store because they are updated for free each year!   That's right- you can use these calendar activities year-after-year.   I will update the calendars at my TPT store and you will receive e-mail notification when you can download the following years' activities free of charge. 
                  November 2013 Calendar Activities  include
5 quality activities that incorporate the skills of inferencing, sequencing, following directions, referencing, and working on spatial and temporal concepts.     Great for elementary students, life skills programs, and students receiving language services. 

November Fun Facts- Introduce exciting and important facts about the month.  

Create-your-Own Calendar- students personalize their very own calendar with important school and home activate (i.e. 1/2 day Friday, spelling test on Monday). 

Talking Turkeys is an activity for calendar referencing.  The students answer questions based on a holiday-filled calendar. i.e. "My sister's birthday is ten days after Veteran's Day.  Will her birthday fall on a weekend?" 

Calendar Concepts- Student follows directions and transfers them onto a calendar (i.e. Draw a clock on the third of the month).  

Tommy's Busy Schedule- the calendar is packed with activities for Tommy.  Students need to reference the activity-filled calendar to answer questions. (i.e. "When is the Thanksgiving Play taking place?")

A detailed description of the activities is included as well as an answer sheet for students to check their work.  

This is a purchase that you will treasure year-after-year! 
 Click on any picture for November 2013 Calendar Activities. 

My best to you in your teaching adventure.  

Carry-Over Speech for Older Students

Welcome to the Carry-Over Linky Party!

As an SLP I know that I'm supposed to love working with articulation but my upper level students are so unmotivated that it is sometimes hard to get excited. My students in grades 5-8  have had years of therapy and progress is often slow.   I have found that a major problem is lack of structured carry-over in the students' lives.  

I'm excited to share with you my new system for generalization which provides charting, rubrics, and incentive cards! I'm happy to report that this team approach brings back student focus, motivation, and increased progress!  

Click for my Speech Carry-Over for Older Students Freebie!  

1.  Carry-Over Charting:  It's important to remember these specific areas when using the provided
      charting system.  

a.   Short/Frequent-  Students, parents, and teachers need to work together to identify short but frequent      
     times of the day that they can intentionally focus on the student's articulation.

b.  Cues- The student and SLP should devise a cueing system and share it with the individuals
     who will be working on carry-over with the student.  Some cues may include a throat clear, index
     finger on the lip,  or a simple "hmmm" verbalization, etc.  The cues that I shared are subtle as not to  
     embarrass the student.  

c.  Start/End- The student and team need to know that this daily charting plan is not going to last
    forever.  Setting a date range from 4-8 weeks is typical.  Reassess the student's progress at the end
    date.  You will need to determine if you need to readjust the plan, take time off and revisit , or
    discharge the student.  If discharging, remember that old habits die hard so be sure to screen in a
    month or two to ensure carry-over.

2.  Rubrics: Student-directed rubrics help the students to take ownership of their learning by knowing 
     where they are at and what the overarching goal is.  

3.  You may also like Speech and language Incentive Punch Cards.  

These are a freebie at my store which can be used for a variety of tasks.  They include punch cards for carry-over and self advocacy which are perfect for speech generalization.  For each day of completed carry-over tasks, the student punches the card and is able to "cash-in"for rewards once he/she has 10 holes punched.

Thanks for visiting my blog.  You may also like the following rubrics for social-pragmatic language.  

Head back over to Crazy Speech World for more great ideas for carry-over!  

Mummy Finger Trick (Middle Level Fun!)

Welcome to the Tricks and Activities for Halloween by the Frenzied SLPs.  I have updated an oldie but a goodie to share for this fun linky.  

Warning this trick is not for the faint of heart, but perfect for those middle- school students who LOVE a good joke.  
I fondly remember tricking my friends with the mummy finger trick as a kid.  My sister preferred the more gory bloody finger.  With Halloween quickly approaching, what better way to target the skills of sequencing, following directions, and expressive language while carrying out a fun prank and helping build students' confidence.  

What you need:  
                A Small Jewelry Gift Box
                Gauze or Cotton
                Ketchup or Baby Powder

Step one- Cut a hole in the bottom of the box.  The hole must be big enough to stick your middle finger through.
Step two- Place your finger in the hole and put cotton or gauze around  
                  your finger.

Step three- For Mummy: Dampen the finger and cover with baby powder.                   

Step four- Close the box and get ready to fool your friends.

Fooling your friends:  

1.  Hold the closed box with your finger in place.
2.  Tell your friends that you found something you want to show them.  
3.  Have friend open the box.
4.  Ask the friend if they want to touch it.  
5.  When they touch your finger quickly pop up your finger and give out a little scream.  

Your friends will surely react with a louder scream!!!

                              Use ketchup for the severed finger prank!
I've always liked treats better than tricks but this trick brings back great memories.   The best part is passing on these tricks to my middle-school students who will surly have a blast tricking their peers (and teachers).

My goal with teaching is to mix it up and bring the fun into learning.  You may also like my epitaph humor, witch logic, and haunted house of language activities found just a click away.  Happy Halloween! 
Link up your blog post below!

How to use Witchy Logic.

Drowning in lamination?
Try this technique to save both time and money:  Use page protectors or file folder pockets to protect the papers.  No photocopying or lamination needed as students are able to use dry erase markers and mark their answers.

Which witch?  
Click on the graphics to take you to Which Witch? Language Logic Tasks.  

You may use this activity on a wide-range of students.  The pix is a group of seventh graders.  They are able to work independently and I could check in and provide cues as needed.

Students checked their answers on the provided answer sheet and I had them work on Spooky Sentence Assembly if they were finished before their peers.  My learners then erased their page and passed it around to the next person.

Check out all of my Halloween Products Here: 

Spooky Fun Frenzy

 Featuring Exclusive Language Freebies just for our followers!
October 18-21st

Click on the map to download your personal linked map.

Speechie's Sale!

Huge SLP TPT sale Oct 13 & 14th!  
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Lots of new fall and Halloween products for all ages.

Acorn Sequencing

My students and I have been having way too much fun with the Acorn Jewels this week.   They were a simple, quick craft which incorporated multiple goals of expressive and receptive language.  
We are lucky enough to have some beautiful oak trees on our school grounds so I brought my Life Skills group outside to collect them.  We then sequenced the steps to make these shiny treasures. 

I used the i-pad to video each group retelling the sequence and modeling of how to make the craft.  The next group was thrilled to watch their friends explaining the directions.  

Here are some fun ideas for the leftover acorn bottoms:

Click on the photos for the original links for the craft pictures.  The sequencing idea photo is my own.  Feel free to use for your therapy sessions. If you share please reference my blog post.  

Happy Fall!!!!
If you like sequencing activities, you may be interested in these products:

"S...Peachy" Feedback Linky Party

It's time to link up!  Allison is hosting her monthly 'Speachy Feedback Linky Party' where we celebrate those kind teacherspayteachers shoppers who leave comprehensive feedback.

I choose this detailed feedback by rkoonerup about my 
little Questioning Owls for tonight's linky party.  

rkoonerup please email me at jenng12slp@gmail.com for your choice of a free product from my store.

I think Questioning Owls is my favorite cover page.  It was inspired by a friendly crow whom I met at a petting zoo.  He puffed up his belly and called out "Who-what-when-where-why?"   I didn't know crows could talk before that day. 

Questioning Qwls is available at my Teacherspayteachers and Teacher's Notebook stores.  

To all of my followers:  If you haven't already-hop on over to my Facebook page before 8PM (EST) to receive Caramel Apples as a freebie language/cooking activity.  Just click on the Fall Frenzy Tab.

Be sure to check out all of the linkys at Allison's page:  Speechpeeps

September Bundle Preview FREEBIE!

Dancing in September, See you in September,
 September Morn 
(Am I dating myself?)

I'm so excited to share that I've  been living in September Land creating fun activities to ensure a smooth back-to-school transition.  

Uncover the FREEBIE by downloading the preview Here.  

You'll receive a unique page from each individual bundled item.  


Thought Box

We all have students who have a hard time staying on topic.  There are many reasons why kids have trouble with this skill.

1.  Attention Issues

2.  Poor Impulse Control
2.  Fear of Forgetting the Thought
4.  Not Understanding the Topic
5.  Poor Pragmatic Language Skills

There are also many ideas out there to help students to stay on topic and the goals should always center around the reason for the difficulty.  A Thought Box is a simple strategy that may help all students to stop and think about their thought.  

A Thought Box is:

-  a concept and not literally a box (although it could be)  
-  a place for students to document thoughts 
-  a compensatory strategy for topic maintenance

Students are asked to write down or draw the thought instead of blurting out a comment, response, or answer.   Next, they need to ask themselves a few questions.

 1.  Is it relevant to the topic?
 2.  Is it the appropriate time to give input or ask questions? 
 3.  Can it or should it wait?

Examples of thought boxes may 

- a pack of post it notes 

- dry erase board 
- journal book

It is wise to introduce this skill in a one-on-one or small group setting.  The long-term goal is for students to recognize their thoughts and improve topic maintenance skills within the classroom.

Here is a fun activity that would pair nicely with the Thought Box concept:  

S-Peachy Linky Party

I'm so appreciative of all of the kind feedback left over the last few days.  It's so nice to recognize the shoppers who take the time to leave feedback.   

Here is a feedback post that made me smile as someone knows how to use EET to help students make the most progress in all areas.  
Here's what itomes wrote about 

Itomes- please email me for a free product from my TPT store.

Check out the other Linked Blogs by clicking the icon below.  

SLP Blog Hop- Topic: Student Accountability

Welcome SLP Blog Hoppers!

I'm so happy you've found my page.  We SLP bloggers have been working hard for the past month to get ready for this huge blog hop.  
Use the linky tools at the bottom of the page to hop from blog to blog collecting freebies, SLP ideas, and the secret code words.  When you have collected all 17 to form the secret message you will be able to enter and win some great prizes.  

About me:  My name is Jennifer Moses and I'm an SLP for grades 4-8 in a public school.

As my screen name 
(SLPrunner)would imply , I run.  I ran my first 1/2 marathon in March and am running one again in September.  The thing is, I have a hard time getting and staying motivated and I need accountability.  For this reason, I chose my screen name, have a bumper sticker on my car that reads "Runner Girl," and lately I've been engaging my Facebook Followers for weekly motivation, inspirational quotes, and tips.   The accountability helps me to stay on track (pun-haha).  I know how tough it is to stay focused on a goal and often think of my students on my runs.  

Many times our students don't know why they are receiving services and/or may not be motivated to make changes.  How do we increase student motivation, ownership, progress, and carry-over of skills?  I've found that student-directed rubrics and punch cards are great ways to accomplish this.

Student directed rubrics are developed with the student and for the student to have an active role in assessment.  In turn, the SLP has data documentation to share with parents, RTI groups, and IEP teams.  In addition, the generalization rate may improve as students, para-educators and classroom teachers use the rubrics in other settings.

If you haven't already downloaded my free student rubric for active listening click on the rubric below:  

Another fun idea to improve generalization is to use punch cards:  Here is a new freebie that may be used in and out of the SLP room.  

Many of my products include Common Core Aligned rubrics.  You can save time and start your year off in the right direction with this Pragmatic Language Rubric Collection: 

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Thanks for hanging out with me and have fun on the rest of your blog hopping adventure.  

Blog Hop:
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Here is my donation to the collection:  

$4.00: Targeting Language in Common Core
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Contest rules:

*  You must decode a secret message
*  In order to complete this task, you will need to visit each of the 17
    blogs and find the OWL CLUE
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The contest will run from Aug. 11-17.
Good Luck Everyone!  

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