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Love it & List It Linky: Social Skills

I'm excited to join my first Love It & List It linky party! 
This month's topic is: Social Skill Activities.

I was lucky enough to have joined the brilliant Michelle Garcia Winner at her clinic to participate in her mentor training program.  I recommend many of Michelle's products but I believe that the meat of her program is in the Thinking About You Thinking About Me workbook.  This is a must-have for school and clinic based SLPs.  

I'm having a blast this year co-teaching with the OT at my school.  My Facebook fans helped us to name our group SPOT-ON (get it- Sp=Speech OT=Occupational Tx). She teaches the Zones, while I work with the students on identifying feelings and emotions.  Together we teach  calming and coping strategies.  I believe that these skills are so important for our students.

The Second Step Program has some great visual social story situations and practical techniques for students to learn.  I especially like the middle school focused program as it is life relevant and keeps the kids engaged while learning the important life/social skills of empathy, anger management, and impulse control.  

Here are some of my perspective taking activities.  
 Click here to see more.    

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S-Peachy Linky Party

I love that Nicole Allison leads these Linky Parties!   
It's so nice to recognize all of our wonderful followers and let them know that we appreciate them.  

This month Cathryn2001 left me the kindest feedback on my Wintry Sequencing Train:  

"This product is fabulous. So many of my students have goals related to sequencing/retelling on their IEPs--you've made it super easy to address those skills. Thank you".

Thank you Cathryn2001- I'm so glad that you are able to use these activities and printables with your many students!   email me at: jenng12slp@gmail.com for a free individual product of your choice from my store.

Sequencing Express, activities of 3-4 step sequencing from sentences which includes visuals and printables can be viewed and purchased here.  

Head on over to Allisonspeechpeeps page to see more 
Speachy feedback winners!  

Facebook Frenzy Map

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Data Collection for the New Year!

Happy 2014! 

With the ringing in of the New Year comes the re-committment to do our best in many areas of our lives.  I'm working harder to keep my data current and organized and wanted to give you all a sneak peak at my data binder in hopes that it may help you in this area of your profession. 

The free Speech Data Organization Kit from Speechy Musings is what I use for not only my data collection binders but also for my IEPs, work samples, and schedule binders.  I love the design and it matches my office (what-isn't that important?). 

As you'll see in picture two, I have my binder organized in order of grade and with student initials.  I love my label maker!

 Click on any of the photos to take you to the purchase site.  Most are free resources. 

 For easy reference, I have copied all of the Common Core Standards that overtly relate to my grade levels and areas in which I serve kids.  I also have included, for easy access,  my Studient Directed Rubrics.  These are my primary progress monitoring tool for this area of language therapy.  

Under each student tab you'll find an attendance log.  I found this freebie on TPT and really like the reasons for absence coding system.  The speech running record form is an easy way to track Quick Artic students.  For this I have an individual tab. 
I've recently developed an updated daily charting sheet. 
 (click either picture to download)   

There you have it!  Data tracking made a little easier. 

Thanks for checking this post out!   Keep an eye out for a new product I have in the works which will provide set data points and work samples for student goals.  

Tie Dye Language!

Let me give you the skinny on my new far out product!

Tie Dye Language is jam-packed with 8 activities in the areas of idioms, inferencing, similes/metaphors, multiple meaning words, and identifying emotions. + Data Progress Charts for each activity.  
Middle and Upper Grade Language Activies!

Mulitple Meaning Words: Students identify two meanings of sixties themed slang/multiple meaning words and create a story (not shown) with the vocabulary words. 

Mood Ring Match: The students read/listen to sentences and use the mood ring color chart to identify which person is wearing what color ring. 

Inferencing: "I Have…Who Has?"(28 cards) is a super fun game of using those higher level language
Color Idioms- A rainbow of colors in these idioms (48 total).

Similes or Metaphor?  - This activity (2 pages) has students using definition page (not shown) to identify if the sentence contains a simile or a metaphor.  In addition, student needs to underline the figurative language.  
These are just a few of the many colorful activities you'll find it here:Tie Dye Language

Also included are Data Points for each activity!  

Easily document student progress!
Baseline + at least 2 data points per activity.  

See full size example below. 
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