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New Freebie!

Enjoy this new Eggs-cellent Freebie!  
 Just hop on over to My Store and hunt for the Basket of Prepositions.  

It's almost spring!!!!!

I also have lots of new Spring Themed materials.  I don't know about you but I'm  ready for some warmer weather. 

Enjoy and head on over to Speech Freebie Linky party for some more freebies!

What's in Your Cart Linky Party

Thank you Speech Room News for hosting another What's in Your Cart linky party.  I am excited to be joining many other talented bloggers in showing you favorite materials and products that we will be purchasing.  

My entire store will be 20% off including already reduced bundles!!!!  Use the upcoming code TPT3 for the full 28% off!

Here are some new and popular products from my store that you may be interested in: 

Tie Dye Language is my personal favorite!  This is a product that I've had in the works for a long time and finally got put together (for a blog post click here)!  It's a huge tween/teen language product with similies, metaphors, inferencing, pragmatics, idioms, and multiple meaning words.  Plus there are data charts for every activity!  

Topic Text is a best-seller of mine and comes with multiple ways to target pragmatic language and hard to keep data is a breeze with my rubrics which are included in this product.  Finally, this is the time to buy bundles and Spring is almost here!!!  My Speech and Language $- saving Bundle for spring is 28% off the already reduced price!  


Here's a peek in my cart:

Toca Boca Tea Party!  - So excited to use this!

Speech Tube- Brilliant!

I have a HUGE amount of clip art in my cart but I want to surprise you with it over the next several months!  

I hope you have as much fun shopping and I will.  Head on over to Speech Room News to see what the other SLP blogger are buying.  

S-Peachy Feedback Linky Party!

It's S-peachy Feedback Linky Party Time and you know what that means!  Your helpful feedback has been looked at by the SLP bloggers and we each have chosen our favorite monthly feedback posts.

Sharon Anderson is my winner this month:   

I'm so glad that my calendar activities are being used and enjoyed by your students.  My goal was to incorporate lots of language skills while students have fun learning valuable life skills.  I feel so happy knowing that they are being put to good use.  Please email me at: jenng12slp@gmail.com and I will send a product of your choice from my TPT or Teachers Notebook store.  
Click on the image below if you are interested in learning about my monthly calendar activities.  


They are updated each year free of charge so your students can enjoy them for years to come. 

Click here to head back on over to Speech Peeps S-Peachy Feedback Linky Party!  

Get up and Move Giveaway!

Welcome to my first Blog Giveaway!

Brain research shows that learning is enhanced when we move. Our kinesthetic mode of learning is stimulated as well as our circulation, attention, and the release of endorphins (you know the happy hormone).  

Here's a few simple ways that I incorporate basic movement into my work with students:

Expressive Language-Students pass a ball or beanbag back and forth for activities of naming, turn taking, and sentence recall.  

Following Directions-  I often ask students to get up and perform physical activities for following directions.  I may ask the student to stand up, do 10 jumping jacks, open the window, and stretch to the sky.  

Memory Strategies- I teach my middle schoolers mnemonics paired with body movement and visuals.  i.e. the memory peg for one is "sun" in which the student needs to stand up and make the physical outline of the sun with his/her arms while pairing it with the memory item (more to come on this in a later blog post).  

I've collected some great products to get our kids up and moving in speech and language therapy.   Enter below to win them all!  

1.   Carissa from homesweetspeechroom has generously donated Fast Dash, an awesome product for targeting those early sounds.  I know my kids will love playing this one! 

2.  You could win Speech-a-Saurus ' adorable phonemic activities which incorporate movement.  This Sound Bundle can also be used for articulation and following directions.  

3 & 4.   My thoughtful friend Rose over at Speech Snacks was so kind to donate two products that focus on fitness.   First is The Healthy Heart and Language Mart, a fact-filled language product for middle and high school students to build awareness of fitness, health, and nutrition.   And how can you not smile at these adorable Fruits and Veggies that teach language and listening skills to the younger grades.  

5.  Pam from chitchatandsmalltalk (great, active blog to follow) had a fun idea with her Balloon Bop game.  You'll have a chance to win this activity that will not only get your students up and moving but fill the room with laughter during your therapy sessions.  

6.  Laura from All y' All Need is such a great person whom I had the pleasure of getting to know.  Enter for your chance to win Write and Say the Room.  This new, spring-themed, colorful product brings kids on a scavenger hunt throughout your room or beyond.   

7.   This is one of my first products that you may win in the giveaway bundle.  Just as it sounds, Hopscotch Naming is played while students work on word-finding and expressive naming skills.  Three levels are provided for differentiated instruction. 


Good luck everybody and have fun moving with your students!

                                                          a Rafflecopter giveaway

Heart garland!

My classroom is overflowing with these cheerful, easy-to-make heart chains.  
I've provided instructions for teacher use or you could use as a fun activity for working on the goals of sequencing, following directions, and expressive language.  
Student use:
                   1. Cut out the pictures and have students assemble in correct sequence.
                2.  Students make a chain of hearts according to directions.
                3.  Students use their own words to explain how to make a heart wreath.  
1.  Cut 1 inch strips of colored paper
2.  fold the paper in half with fold facing down

                                           3.  staple the fold and loop downward into a heart

                                          4.  hold the heart in place as you fold a second strip
                                               of paper onto the bottom of the heart
                                            5.  staple the fold and repeat and repeat until
                                                 you have the desired length.  Put a final staple
                                                 on the bottom of the last heart.  
I hope you enjoy these festive decorations!

You may also enjoy these Valentine's Day 
Activities of Language.

20-50% off!

Superbowl, Groundhogs Day, and Teachers Notebook Sale!  
Feb. 1st and 3rd.

Everything in my store will be 20% off plus and extra 10% off all shopping this weekend.  This means that my already reduced bundles will be an EXTRA 30% off!!!

Three new February Themed products that you may be interested in:  
Buy the individual products for 30% off or get the most bank for your buck with another 20% off!  The price for this bundle will never be lower and you'll be all set to kick of February on Monday. 

Have fun and Happy Weekend!