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Top Hits Figurative Language FREEBIE for upper grades

I don't think I've ever used the expression it's raining cats and dogs, but I have told my students to "shake it off!"  My middle schoolers LOVE pop music and think it's really cool to learn language through song lyrics.  I decided to share what has been successful in my room by creating a product with the latest hits for you.  
Top Hits uses today's pop music to explore figurative language.  

Multi-Model Approach
You may find it helpful for students to read the full song lyrics and watch music videos prior to using the cards.  Be sure to preview videos for appropriateness and search edited lyrics as needed.    
I also wanted to let you know that my SLP Runner store is participating in the TpT SALE!  I have lots of spring products and upper grade goodies similar to this freebie, but with added rubrics and data charting pages.  

Be sure to check out my bundles as they are heavily discounted for 28% off ALREADY discounted prices.  
Have Fun shopping and enjoy the freebie!


  1. I so appreciate materials that my middle school students will like! Thank you so much.