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Fall Themed Articulation Ideas

Thanks for joining the Frenzied SLP Fall Articulation linky party. 

I can't believe we're already into October.  This school year is flying by and the leaves are in full foliage in Vermont.  
I'm lucky to work in a school that has some beautiful grounds.  We have a walking trail, two playgrounds, soccer fields, and lots of trees.  
We even have an outdoor staff lounge behind that fence.  
Idea 1:
Take speech therapy outdoors to enjoy the scenery and and get some of that fresh, crisp air.  

My students were each given a clipboard and pencil as we set off for the school yard.  The students were given the task of discovering things with their sounds.  Leaves, mulch, slide were just a few of our /l/ words.  Our /r/ words consisted of acorns, red, and trail, and students found sidewalk, swings, basketball hoop for /s/.  

For younger students, you could modify this activity by creating a scavenger hunt of objects. 

Idea 2:
Slow it down with tangible pacing boards.  

I have three upper grade students who work on pacing to improve intelligibility.  My students love using themed pacing boards.  You can use acorns, mini pumpkins, or leaves as fall tangibles. You improve motivation when you change it up by incorporating tactile stimulation. 
Hope these little tips help liven up your fall articulation therapy.  

 Thanks Annie Doyle SLP for hosting the party.   Be sure to head to her page from the link up below for some more ideas on fall articulation. 

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