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Helping hands! Card holder creations.

Years ago my co-worker made these fabulous and functional card holders for my students.  I needed more for larger groups and since I'm no carpenter, I decided to find some alternatives.  
In this image, students are playing an inferencing game from  Tie Dye Language
Duct Tape
My child is obsessed with duct tape wallets.  She's made one for every family member and is moving on to her classmates. It was no surprise to me that she found this great use for the wallets.  
Pool Noodles   
I love this one since it's inexpensive and so simple to make.  I could make 6 card holders with just one $1 noodle!

Snapping Blocks  
These are so popular!  This simple arrangement was made by snapping together two lines which formed a natural slot to hold up the cards. 
Or you could have your critical thinkers create something a bit more elaborate like this one.  
Check out Allison's blog at No Time For Flashcards for these fantastic ideas using everyday household items. 
I would love for you to share your helping hands ideas.  Feel free to share on my Instagram and Facebook page!

Top Hits Figurative Language FREEBIE for upper grades

I don't think I've ever used the expression it's raining cats and dogs, but I have told my students to "shake it off!"  My middle schoolers LOVE pop music and think it's really cool to learn language through song lyrics.  I decided to share what has been successful in my room by creating a product with the latest hits for you.  
Top Hits uses today's pop music to explore figurative language.  

Multi-Model Approach
You may find it helpful for students to read the full song lyrics and watch music videos prior to using the cards.  Be sure to preview videos for appropriateness and search edited lyrics as needed.    
I also wanted to let you know that my SLP Runner store is participating in the TpT SALE!  I have lots of spring products and upper grade goodies similar to this freebie, but with added rubrics and data charting pages.  

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Have Fun shopping and enjoy the freebie!

What's in Your TpT Cart Linky Party.

Thanks Speech Room News for putting together this linky party for the BIG Spring Sale!  
Speaking of Speech Room News, Jenna's store is exploding with Interactive Vocabulary Books which are perfect for preschool-1st graders or use them for your life skills learners with language needs.  Check them out HERE

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I would like to highlight some of my Spring products that include data charting pages and fun activities to see your students bloom with progress! 

My Spring Figurative Language product has multiple meaning words, idioms, personification, similes, and metaphors.  It includes at least two activities for each area as well as black/white printables for easy prep.  Data tracking forms are included for baseline and progress charting.  

The skill of describing is so important in all modes of expressive language.  Dazzling Daisies is able to be used with Sara Smith's EET and comes with bulletin board daisies, printable daisies, cuing daisies, and describing data may be collected in oral and written forms. 
My highly rated negation product was recently updated to add data pages as well.  Which one Doesn't Belong

Here's what's in my cart! 
I'm going to be all set with these awesome March products from some of my favorite stores!  

 Gotcha Leprechaun Basic Concepts by The Dabbling Speechie

Mystery Pictures from Gold Country SLP

All Ya' All Need Shamrock Spatial Concepts
Have fun shopping for spring and don't forget to add the code: HEROES Head on back to Speech Room News for the linky party! 

Chicken Soup for the SLP Soul - Blog Hop!

* Names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.  

"A good teacher is like a candle-it consumes itself to light the way for others." - Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

It was my first year working as an SLP in a school setting. The rehab settings provided a transitional atmosphere when working with patients struggling with medically based speech and language disorders. While these interractions provided me with valuable experience, nothing could prepare me for the lasting relationships I would experience with my students. The deep, emotional connections I'd come to make with my students, would leave an indelible mark on my heart that would not soon be forgotten. I'd like to share a story with you about a very special student named Matt, and how our sessions took speech therapy to a whole new level!

Matt was a fourth grader with a mild to moderate stutter. The year I worked with Matt, his loving and devoted mother, lost her battle with breast cancer. In addition to this trauma, Matt's father was suffering from a medical condition that rendered him physically impaired. Matt was only in fourth grade; far too young to be able to cope with the anguish and upheaval in his life. I made it my mission to not only give 100% to Matt as an SLP, but to also do my best to offer him a sense of stability and security, while providing him the comfort and care he desperately needed. I made sure that his group time with his friends was fun and focused. But it was during one of our individual sessions, that true magic occurred! During my personal sessions with Matt, I could see through the pain in his eyes, that he was yearning for someone to confide. After a small ice breaker, in which I told him that I remembered feeling the need to talk after a loved one passed away, I asked him if he felt the same. This gave Matt the opportunity to share what was on his mind and in his heart. The floodgates opened and he shared with me his heartache, his fears for the future, and the beautiful stories of his beloved mother. It was at that time, that scrapbooking had started to take off and become popular. Matt was a gifted artist, which gave me the idea to start a scrapbook, which we titled, "Memories Of My Mom." The special scrapbook we created, became the focus of our therapy time. I understood the importance of capturing Matt's memories of his mom before they faded with time. I assisted Matt with his speech, while he shared stories about his mom and documented them in his scrapbook. Matt shared a story about a special necklace that his mom often wore, and even brought it in to showcase some of his mom's favorite things. His spirits were lifted as he recalled humorous anecdotes and highlighted some of his mom's favorite things. We both became emotional as he input the poems and lullabies that she used to sing. 

Matt made tremendous progress that year, largely due to our personal connection. During our sessions, he felt free to be himself; to open up and share a special piece of his heart. The bond we created helped give him the motivation needed to succeed. We drill, collect data, and endlessly assess students. But it's the personal connection and bond you create with your students that really makes the difference. When you make that connection, it is THEN, that you will see the greatest and most meaningful results. 

I am now a married mom of three girls, the eldest being the same age as Matt was when I worked with him. The time I spent with Matt continues to hold a special place in my heart. When I think of Matt today, I hope he is doing well, and still has the scrapbook we made together. Even more, I hope that our time together made a memorable difference in his life.
 I've always had good luck with number 13 and am passing good fortunes on to you in your blog hopping adventure.  

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