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Two years in the making....

Two years ago I posted this image on my SLP Runner Facebook Page of a strategy I was using with students. My students really liked figuring out the blending words and they made progress at producing their sounds. I received a lot of feedback on this idea and knew that I wanted to create a product with this idea in mind. I have an abundance of ideas sitting in a folder taunting me to get started. Fast forward to last week when we were hit with 2 feet of snow in Vermont. The storm resulted in two snow days and I finally sat down and got to work. 16 hours later, and with the help of some adorable clip art I bring to you S-Blends Snake

Enjoy a Snnnnnnnnappy, Snnnnnnnnnnazzy, Ssssssssspecial kind of day. 

Funny SLP Memes!

Need a little pick-me-up with some SLP Humor? I wanted to give you a fun break from your crazy SLP Life and share some of my Memes. I asked other SLPs to share some of their creations too. These Memes come from actual experiences in the day in the life of an SLP. 

When this Meme from my SLP Runner Facebook Page went viral, I knew that we had something in common. 

Speaking of practicing speech sounds, I'm glad too many aren't catching us making our "Use your articulators" face. Check out Amy's Instagram page for more laughs. 

If only it were that easy...  Thanks 8th Word Wonder for the great Meme. 

Sad, but true and this Meme makes me want a Mint Milano. 
Check out @KaylaSLP for some other fun Memes. 

Speech Sprouts  we know how you feel! The worst is when someone else's name is on the report. 

Oh no! Here's one for you SNF and hospital-based SLPs from  Ms. Gardenia's Speech Room 

I decided to make a Meme out of my most popular FB Image. Yes, this REALLY did happen. My purse is a black hole. 

The Dabbling Speechie is queen of the Gifs! Go check out her Facebook page for loads of laughs. 

Isn't this so true. I don't now about you, but I never know my schedule by heart. This one can be found on my Instagram. 

Sorry kids, we're testing today! Thanks Speech Time Fun! Those faces are priceless. 

The anticipation grows and grows and suddenly: Noooooooo! Sublime Speech made this adorable Meme relating to the ceiling rule. 

SLPs don't care about the content, just if you pronounced it correctly! Speech Therapy Fun nailed it with this Meme. 

Bonus: If only.... 

Ta-Da an instant mood boost. Be sure to follow our pages for more SLP Humor. 

What WE can do about the Anxiety/Trauma Epidemic!

As I write this, my child is anxious in anticipation of school tomorrow. We go through this every Sunday. At work, I have an increased level of students with anxiety, depression, trauma, and other significant mental health challenges. What we know as professionals, is that when kids are in stress, they can't learn.
Experts say children are struggling to cope with mounting levels of stress. This is why I researched the most effective calming strategies for kids. 

Calming Can contains an assortment of 24 strategies, many research-based, and explicit instructions on using the techniques. Customized toolboxes are included for students to choose the strategies that work best for them. My child and students are responding so well to these strategies and really enjoy learning and experiencing stress reduction techniques. 

Last week one of my students became very worried when he was alerted of an impending storm. We took the time to review the situation and worked through the calming strategies. He expressed that he felt empowered to walk away with a customized toolbox of strategies that worked!

Another student experienced trauma at a young age. He has a very hard time focusing. The 5-finger mindfulness technique works so well for him to quickly come back "into the room" and focus on the task at hand. 

Because I'm so passionate about equipping students with an armor of skills, I am providing you this FREE list of my favorite strategies to use students. 

If you are interested in more detailed instruction on the strategies, My Calming Can product can be found if you Click Here

Thank you for caring about the emotional well-being students! 
My best to you! 

Are you YETI for a Giveaway!

Winter is in full force and what better way to engage your students then bringing in adventure with Yetis! I have joined SparklleSLP, Speech2U, and SmartmouthSLP to bring this exciting Giveaway. 

Winner will receive a YETI Mug, Yeti in My Spaghetti Game, and four abominably awesome products. 

Yeti or not, you don't want to miss this easy-entry giveaway. 
Stomp on over to my Instagram and enter. 

My Holiday Freebies~ gifts to you.

If you're like me, this time of year is super busy and money is tight. I wanted to keep my students engaged with fun seasonal activities and needed many repetitions so I created the following low cost and free-to-you ideas.  

1. Holiday Dots- I know, easy-right! I posted this on Instagram and received a lot of positive feedback and hearts. Simply cut out or punch out (if you have one of those cool large hole punches) and start creating. I give my students one circle per repetition. There are 25 reps on this page alone. 
2. O Christmas Tree of Speech- I have a craft drawer filled with materials that rarely get touched. I haven't used these pom poms since I created my Warm Fuzzy EET Companion. I got the idea to use these fuzz balls as color ornaments for a Christmas Tree. Click here to download the FREE template. 
3. Believe Printables- I also had a bag full of bells in my junk, I mean craft, drawer. This sparked the idea of a Polar Express theme complete with hot chocolate, video clips, and a special gift for my younger students. Just tie some ribbon around the handle of the bell and loop it around this FREE Believe Printable for a magical gift to remember. Click Here. 

I wish all of you a wonderful holiday filled with much love and good cheer. Thank you for being loyal fans and followers. I truly appreciate you. ~ Jen
Click for holiday craft ideas

Going to ASHA or staying home? Huge Giveaway!

Whether you're off to the ASHA Convention or staying home (like me), we've got some fun in store for you! 

If you're heading to Philly, keep an eye out for Activity Tailor! She's loaded up her suitcase of SLP swag from some of your favorite SLPs. I've included some of the best melt-in-your-mouth treats and an adorable little tangible surprise and I'm excited to hear what you all think. 

Home for ASHA, no fear: 

You won't be left out of the fun if you're staying home this year. We've got a Huge Giveaway which you can enter at Sweet Southern SpeechWe have $100 TeachersPayTeachers Gift Card Plus over $70 of SLP products for the lucky winner. I'm giving away my Social Emotional Lesson as part of the bundle. 

So go enter, you have nothing to lose. I wish you a great week and much luck.  

Walk the Plank~ pirate activities.

I've linked up with Sweet Southern Speech to talk about Pirate Day! September 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day and we're gearing up for some fun in my upper grade and lower grade speech rooms! 

My older students are working on context clues with my Pirates Inferencing & Vocabulary game. Students draw cards that take them on a journey to find the hidden treasure. Context clues and upper grade vocabulary words are embedded in sentences. The first student to fill their treasure chests with the required contents wins the game.

The little guys will be working on describing with the Expanding Expression Tool in this easy-to-make Walk The Plank game. I uploaded some great graphics from MyCuteGraphics and taped them onto a piece of plywood that I had in my basement. I then put the wood on two plastic bins that raised the plank about a foot off the ground. Students will roll the foam EET dice after they step on a picture. Everyone takes turns walking the plank up to the picture that they are working on. 
Interested in more EET Companions, click the images below. 

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else has up their puffy sleeves? 
Head back to the linky party to see.