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S-peachy Feedback linky party!

Yay, S-peachy feedback is back.  Thanks Nicole Allison from Speech Peeps for hosting the party and giving us a chance to highlight some great feedback from the recent sale.

Thank you Annie, I appreciate your kind feedback, fun attitude, and your continued support!   Email me at: jenng12slp@gmail.com with a product you would like from my store.

Head on back to Allison's Speech Peeps for more S-peachy Feedback 

5 Techniques for Teaming with Parents

While the end-of-the year craziness is in full-swing, I would like to give you some tips to help you effectively engage with challenging parents.  

1.  Communicate- This is almost ALWAYS the number one complaint of parents. They don't feel they are in on the information or part of the team. Really listen to parents and use the helpful phrase "I hear you".  This phrase goes a long way. It doesn't say "I agree" or "I am wrong", it simply states that you are listening and hear what the parent is saying.

2.  Scheduled Meeting- If you are caught off guard with an interrupting phone call or a parent who wants to meet on the spot, be sure to take a deep breath and take control of the situation. Use the "I hear you" phrase and add that "This is much too important to discuss now." Let the parent know you want to focus on their concerns, but can't do it at the present time. Recommend setting up a meeting that works for all of the team. Be sure to set up a meeting within a reasonable time frame and have another team member present.  

3.  Broken Record Technique- This is one of my favorite strategies that involves repeating what you want, time and time again. Use a neutral tone of voice and keep focused on your point. This technique helps to maintain the topic and ensures that the parent has a clear understanding of what you are communicating. 

4.  Fogging- Agree with any truth that may be contained within statements, even if the truth is critical. By not responding in the expected way (defensive or argumentative) the parent may cease confrontation as the desired effect is not being achieved. When the conversation is less heated, it will be possible to discuss the student more reasonably.

5.  Common Interest- Keep the conversation student centered. The common interest should always be the student. This should include the whole child; educational, social, physical, and emotional. Always bring the focus back to the student.  

Be strong! Sometimes parents are angry about history, personal life problems, or other things you have no control over. These behaviors may not change no matter what strategies you use. Be brave and remember that you are the professional.  

These tough experiences help us grow personally and professionally. Take from it what you can grow from and leave the rest at the door. 

**** Update:  I was so excited to see that this blog post was featured in the September 2015 edition of the ASHA Leader!**** 

What's in your Cart - linky party

Thank you Speech Room News for hosting another What's in Your Cart linky party.  Definitely check out Jenna's store which is filled with high quality products. 

My SLP Runner store will be 20% off including already reduced bundles!!!!  Use the upcoming Code: ThankYou for the full 28% off! I also have a couple of new products I would like to tell you about.  

I'm thrilled to present to you Sasquatch Watch for UPPER GRADES.  The vocabulary is higher level as are the fun inferencing questions.  I may be a little bias, but I think this is a must-have and can tell you that my students have really had a blast playing it all week!  
My Multi-Syllablic Basketball product has a new partner!  Multi-Syllabic All-Star combines a fun sports-theme with apraxia work.  3-4 syllable higher level words are great for the UPPER GRADE students who struggle with pacing and fluent speech.  
I've completed my Year Full of Figurative Language Bundle.  This is a great deal at 20% off full price with another 28% off with the code: Thank You

Here's a sneak peek at what's in my cart:
Secret Messages for Main Idea is a unique product with an array of great main idea questions and fun secret messages to motivate students. 
Apraxia Tx for Later Sounds-  I'm so happy to find another apraxia product that's appropriate for older students.
Mustache Monsters I'm excited to get my hands on these adorable monsters to help with context cues and summarizing.  

I hope you have as much fun shopping and I will.  Head on over to Speech Room News to see what the other SLP blogger are buying.