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Walk the Plank~ pirate activities.

I've linked up with Sweet Southern Speech to talk about Pirate Day! September 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day and we're gearing up for some fun in my upper grade and lower grade speech rooms! 

My older students are working on context clues with my Pirates Inferencing & Vocabulary game. Students draw cards that take them on a journey to find the hidden treasure. Context clues and upper grade vocabulary words are embedded in sentences. The first student to fill their treasure chests with the required contents wins the game.

The little guys will be working on describing with the Expanding Expression Tool in this easy-to-make Walk The Plank game. I uploaded some great graphics from MyCuteGraphics and taped them onto a piece of plywood that I had in my basement. I then put the wood on two plastic bins that raised the plank about a foot off the ground. Students will roll the foam EET dice after they step on a picture. Everyone takes turns walking the plank up to the picture that they are working on. 
Interested in more EET Companions, click the images below. 

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else has up their puffy sleeves? 
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  1. What a fantastic idea for describing!!!
    And, Beware of the Pirates???? Incredible!

  2. Oh my gosh, walk the plank? The kids will love it. Your Inferencing and Vocabulary Game looks great, this year I have added some older students to my caseload, they would love this.