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What's in Your Cart-Linky Party

Get ready for a HUGE Teachers pay Teachers sale extravaganza!  It's the perfect time to shop with up to 28% off (even bigger savings off my already reduced $-saving bundles!).   My cart is full with some amazing products from talented SLP bloggers as well as some cool clip art for new products ideas!

First, here are a few of my new and seasonal products that you might like to add to your carts.

        My best-seller gone holiday!  Thanksgiving through New Years' situations to target perspective taking, emotions, and problem solving.  

  An amazingly effective Problem Solving strategy for serious middle & high school issues.  This product will make a huge impact in how you approach Problem Solving.

Hot off the press: similes/metaphors, personification, idioms, multiple meaning words with data tracking and rubric for assessing progress.  

Check out these awesome products that I can't wait to get me hands on! 

by Nicole Allison

Multiple Meaning Snowflakes by Activity Tailor

Christmas Around the World! by Super Power Speech

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Head back to Speech Room News for more TpT ideas.  

Make your own Plinko Game

Come on down, you're the next contestant in 
Speech and Language Plinko!  

I'm a big fan of The Price Is Right, especially the old episodes with Bob Barker as the host, and I always longed to play Plinko!  In fact, one item on my bucket list was to be on the game show.  I even stood in line in Hollywood, but sadly missed the cut off.  So when I saw this Instagram (regram) by Pediastaff, I just had to try it for myself!  

These are not technical instructions as box sizes and creativity will vary.  
Cut a large cardboard box to the size board you desire and bend the backing to make it stand.  Use a hot glue gun to adhere clear straws to the sides of the Plinko panel.  The straws are cut to make 9 rows leading towards the winning numbers.   Paint sides of the board with acrylic paint.  Insert colored thumb tacks about 1 inch apart with enough space for marbles   Cut glue sticks as marble stoppers at the bottom of the board.  Let dry and give it a try.  

I did not include graphics because everyone's board size will be different.  You may create-your-own or search online for suitable graphics.   
* Warning: The thumbtacks did go through the cardboard.  I folded the extra cardboard as a backing and duct taped it to make as a stand.  You may also cover the thumbtack backs with duct tape or adhere a piece of cardboard to make a backing.  
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Thanksgiving Soup - Freebie!

The youth classes at my church assembled 150 Thanksgiving Soup mixes for charity this past weekend.  My kids (ages 4-10) were all able to participate in making the soup mixes and it was so great to see how much fun and organized the process was.  There is my little one in the first picture.  
I thought that this would be a great activity for my Life Skills students as they work at so many different levels.  They say that the secret of happiness is giving to others.  What a great feeling to create something that can be so useful and appreciated by others!

I put together the ingredients and assembly instructions for you too!
 Click HERE to download. 


Describing Turkeys

Turkey legs for language!  I had the materials and thought that this adorable Thanksgiving place setting idea by The Party Animal looked to be a quick and easy craft so I gave it a try.  

Instead of place settings, I made a describing activity to use with the 
Expanding Expression Tool.  

Students pick a leg and describe their word using the Expanding Expression Tool by Sara Smith.  Instead of filling the turkey legs with newspaper, you could fill them with the items indicated on the bag, prizes, or fun food!  
I filled mine with popcorn.  
You could even pop the popcorn in the paper bags.

Paper Bag Popcorn: 
              1. Put 1/4 cup popcorn kernels into a brown paper lunch bag.  
              2. Fold the top of the bag over and tape.
              3. Microwave until there is more than 3 seconds between 
                  popping kernels.
              4. Carefully remove and open bag.  

I hope your students enjoy this craftivity.  Feel free to send your pix to my Instagram and/or Facebook page.  I love hearing from you! 

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