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Teacher's Notebook Sale!

I'm really excited to be a part of Teachers Notebook's largest sale ever!  Some of my products will be featured for build-a-bundle at 50% off!!!  And my entire store will be 20% off including my already reduced bundles.  So treat yourself to the gift of great materials at unbeatable prices and be set to kick off the new year. 
 Happy Holidays!  


Recent brain research has shown that the frontal lobe of the brain is not fully developed until after high school age. This is the area that helps us reason, make good judgments, and problem solve. It helps us to realize the consequences of actions which reduces impulsivity and risky behaviors.
 The scary fact is that social media is inundated with adolescents who may not have the skills to safely and appropriately use these sites. The consequences of posting inappropriate and/or unsafe information about oneself can be devastating. 

I created the Safebook product to help students to think before they post, “like,” or upload photos and videos to social media sites. It targets perspective taking skills by asking students to take on many character roles of people who may be viewing their social media. While beneficial for all ages using social media, it is especially important for students with poor perspective taking skills (ASD), impulsivity (ADHD), and students with decreased ability to understand cause and effect relationships (Learning Disabilities).
Safebook targets judgment, reasoning, safety, cause-effect relationships, perspective taking, and social skills while connecting to real world experiences as found on popular social media sites.

Appropriate for all ages using social media and critical for students with higher level Autism Spectrum Disorders, Attention Deficit Disorder, and students with generalized learning and language weaknesses.

Students can play in a one-on-one setting, small group, or large group. Three types of cards are used to describe ways of interacting on social media: Direct posts, "liked" and linked sites, and pictures and uploaded videos. The comments, "likes", links, and visuals are reviewed through the lens of varying identified persons and determined if they are appropriate, safe, or inappropriate (unexpected).  

 "Know Your Audience" Perspective Taking Board/Mat
 Direct Status Posts
 Photo/Video Uploads
"create-your-own pages

Thumbs Up/Down Chips
Answer Key: including explanations of online: 
Safety, TMI, Negativity, Rudeness, Permission, Bragging
 Thanks for checking out this blog post in an area that I'm very passionate about. Our students can be so vulnerable and I believe that we as educators are able to help our students make smart decisions.  

November Bargain Calendar Activities!

Did you know that starting in 2007, most of the US and Canada observe Daylight Savings Time from the second Sunday in March to the first 
Sunday in November?   

My calendar activities are the best bang for your buck in my store because they are updated for free each year!   That's right- you can use these calendar activities year-after-year.   I will update the calendars at my TPT store and you will receive e-mail notification when you can download the following years' activities free of charge. 
                  November 2013 Calendar Activities  include
5 quality activities that incorporate the skills of inferencing, sequencing, following directions, referencing, and working on spatial and temporal concepts.     Great for elementary students, life skills programs, and students receiving language services. 

November Fun Facts- Introduce exciting and important facts about the month.  

Create-your-Own Calendar- students personalize their very own calendar with important school and home activate (i.e. 1/2 day Friday, spelling test on Monday). 

Talking Turkeys is an activity for calendar referencing.  The students answer questions based on a holiday-filled calendar. i.e. "My sister's birthday is ten days after Veteran's Day.  Will her birthday fall on a weekend?" 

Calendar Concepts- Student follows directions and transfers them onto a calendar (i.e. Draw a clock on the third of the month).  

Tommy's Busy Schedule- the calendar is packed with activities for Tommy.  Students need to reference the activity-filled calendar to answer questions. (i.e. "When is the Thanksgiving Play taking place?")

A detailed description of the activities is included as well as an answer sheet for students to check their work.  

This is a purchase that you will treasure year-after-year! 
 Click on any picture for November 2013 Calendar Activities. 

My best to you in your teaching adventure.