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Funny SLP Memes!

Need a little pick-me-up with some SLP Humor? I wanted to give you a fun break from your crazy SLP Life and share some of my Memes. I asked other SLPs to share some of their creations too. These Memes come from actual experiences in the day in the life of an SLP. 

When this Meme from my SLP Runner Facebook Page went viral, I knew that we had something in common. 

Speaking of practicing speech sounds, I'm glad too many aren't catching us making our "Use your articulators" face. Check out Amy's Instagram page for more laughs. 

If only it were that easy...  Thanks 8th Word Wonder for the great Meme. 

Sad, but true and this Meme makes me want a Mint Milano. 
Check out @KaylaSLP for some other fun Memes. 

Speech Sprouts  we know how you feel! The worst is when someone else's name is on the report. 

Oh no! Here's one for you SNF and hospital-based SLPs from  Ms. Gardenia's Speech Room 

I decided to make a Meme out of my most popular FB Image. Yes, this REALLY did happen. My purse is a black hole. 

The Dabbling Speechie is queen of the Gifs! Go check out her Facebook page for loads of laughs. 

Isn't this so true. I don't now about you, but I never know my schedule by heart. This one can be found on my Instagram. 

Sorry kids, we're testing today! Thanks Speech Time Fun! Those faces are priceless. 

The anticipation grows and grows and suddenly: Noooooooo! Sublime Speech made this adorable Meme relating to the ceiling rule. 

SLPs don't care about the content, just if you pronounced it correctly! Speech Therapy Fun nailed it with this Meme. 

Bonus: If only.... 

Ta-Da an instant mood boost. Be sure to follow our pages for more SLP Humor. 


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