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Carry-Over Speech for Older Students

Welcome to the Carry-Over Linky Party!

As an SLP I know that I'm supposed to love working with articulation but my upper level students are so unmotivated that it is sometimes hard to get excited. My students in grades 5-8  have had years of therapy and progress is often slow.   I have found that a major problem is lack of structured carry-over in the students' lives.  

I'm excited to share with you my new system for generalization which provides charting, rubrics, and incentive cards! I'm happy to report that this team approach brings back student focus, motivation, and increased progress!  

Click for my Speech Carry-Over for Older Students Freebie!  

1.  Carry-Over Charting:  It's important to remember these specific areas when using the provided
      charting system.  

a.   Short/Frequent-  Students, parents, and teachers need to work together to identify short but frequent      
     times of the day that they can intentionally focus on the student's articulation.

b.  Cues- The student and SLP should devise a cueing system and share it with the individuals
     who will be working on carry-over with the student.  Some cues may include a throat clear, index
     finger on the lip,  or a simple "hmmm" verbalization, etc.  The cues that I shared are subtle as not to  
     embarrass the student.  

c.  Start/End- The student and team need to know that this daily charting plan is not going to last
    forever.  Setting a date range from 4-8 weeks is typical.  Reassess the student's progress at the end
    date.  You will need to determine if you need to readjust the plan, take time off and revisit , or
    discharge the student.  If discharging, remember that old habits die hard so be sure to screen in a
    month or two to ensure carry-over.

2.  Rubrics: Student-directed rubrics help the students to take ownership of their learning by knowing 
     where they are at and what the overarching goal is.  

3.  You may also like Speech and language Incentive Punch Cards.  

These are a freebie at my store which can be used for a variety of tasks.  They include punch cards for carry-over and self advocacy which are perfect for speech generalization.  For each day of completed carry-over tasks, the student punches the card and is able to "cash-in"for rewards once he/she has 10 holes punched.

Thanks for visiting my blog.  You may also like the following rubrics for social-pragmatic language.  

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Mummy Finger Trick (Middle Level Fun!)

Welcome to the Tricks and Activities for Halloween by the Frenzied SLPs.  I have updated an oldie but a goodie to share for this fun linky.  

Warning this trick is not for the faint of heart, but perfect for those middle- school students who LOVE a good joke.  
I fondly remember tricking my friends with the mummy finger trick as a kid.  My sister preferred the more gory bloody finger.  With Halloween quickly approaching, what better way to target the skills of sequencing, following directions, and expressive language while carrying out a fun prank and helping build students' confidence.  

What you need:  
                A Small Jewelry Gift Box
                Gauze or Cotton
                Ketchup or Baby Powder

Step one- Cut a hole in the bottom of the box.  The hole must be big enough to stick your middle finger through.
Step two- Place your finger in the hole and put cotton or gauze around  
                  your finger.

Step three- For Mummy: Dampen the finger and cover with baby powder.                   

Step four- Close the box and get ready to fool your friends.

Fooling your friends:  

1.  Hold the closed box with your finger in place.
2.  Tell your friends that you found something you want to show them.  
3.  Have friend open the box.
4.  Ask the friend if they want to touch it.  
5.  When they touch your finger quickly pop up your finger and give out a little scream.  

Your friends will surely react with a louder scream!!!

                              Use ketchup for the severed finger prank!
I've always liked treats better than tricks but this trick brings back great memories.   The best part is passing on these tricks to my middle-school students who will surly have a blast tricking their peers (and teachers).

My goal with teaching is to mix it up and bring the fun into learning.  You may also like my epitaph humor, witch logic, and haunted house of language activities found just a click away.  Happy Halloween! 
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How to use Witchy Logic.

Drowning in lamination?
Try this technique to save both time and money:  Use page protectors or file folder pockets to protect the papers.  No photocopying or lamination needed as students are able to use dry erase markers and mark their answers.

Which witch?  
Click on the graphics to take you to Which Witch? Language Logic Tasks.  

You may use this activity on a wide-range of students.  The pix is a group of seventh graders.  They are able to work independently and I could check in and provide cues as needed.

Students checked their answers on the provided answer sheet and I had them work on Spooky Sentence Assembly if they were finished before their peers.  My learners then erased their page and passed it around to the next person.

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