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6 Home Hacks: For Busy SLP (parents) linky

Thanks for throwing this unique linky party Annie! I certainly have a busy SLP life and some tips for those of you with kids at home. 

1.  Door Hooks: This is a true space saver and works so well for my children's backpacks. We don't have a mudroom or much of an entryway so we really rely on this new space. 
2.  Reduced Sugar Cotton Candy: Many families have these cute little cotton candy makers.  Parents everywhere bought them on a whim dreaming of how much fun the kids would have. Then reality hit, kids spinning as fast as the web of pink sugar. Well I saw a little trick that works great for reducing the amount of sugar consumption. Toss a piece of hard candy into the machine and voila, you've got cotton candy. Jolly Ranchers are amazing. Have a cold? ~ use a cough drop. 
3. Cork Board: While I was pinning products on Pinterest, my middle child was literally pinning a board on her wall! I saved the walls by creating an inexpensive DIY cork board. All it took was adhesive spray, cork pages, and fabric. This fabric was a pillow case purchased at Walmart. Turned out pretty cute. 

4. Visual Strategies: We know that most kids are visual learners so don't forget to use this strategy at home. My oldest child helped the youngest by labeling her horse stable with matching pictures of the horses and their names above. I label drawers, toy bins, and even give my kids visual schedules to help with their morning routine. 
5. Perfect Pic: Short on cash? Well just pick up some old frames from a yard sale, spray paint them, and insert an image you find online. My prints did not cover the frame so I framed them with designer duct tape. 
6. Roasted Marshmallows: No campfire, no problem. Have the kids roast marshmallows over a candle flame. We used mini marshmallows, toothpicks, and a small candle to roast marshmallows. This is actually a pic from last Christmas Eve.  You could expand this to S'mores by simply adding Hershey miniatures and small rectangles of graham crackers. 

I hope you learned something new to try. Be sure to head back to Doyle's Speech Works for some more creative Home Hacks for busy SLPs. 

April Fool's SLP resources!

Why is everyone so tired on April 1st? 
Because they've just finished a long March!

But fear not SLPs and be all set to bring on the fooling with these fun activities. 
April Fool's Articulation by Teach Speech 365
Socially Smart Pranks by Speech Paths
Don't forget to get your prank on. Choose from these Top Favorite April Fool's Day Tricks.  

Change behaviors and relationships with this simple rule of thumb.

Here's a simple rule of thumb that you may have heard before.  
Maintaining a 3:1 ratio of positive to negative interactions positively changes the attitudes and climate of your classroom.  

  Click Here for a great YouTube video explaining what positive interactions may look like. 

The ratio of 10:1 for children of trauma is not research based, but I have seen a tremendous shift in attitude of my students when I am mindful of my interactions.  

Be sure to keep track of your negative interactions and counter them. Write your class list on chart paper and attach on a clip board for easy access. Simply chart +/- ratios.