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What's in Your Cart- Linky Party (with code!)

I can't believe the Back To School Sale is happening all ready.  Thanks Jenna from The Speech Room News for putting on another awesome linky party! 

 I'm scrambling to get my cart together but KNOW that I really want the following products!  

I've had Natalie Snyder's upper level progress tool in my cart and this is the perfect time to buy it as I'll have all of my baseline data collected within the first month of school. 

Rose is so talented at Speechsnacks!  Our school is doing a lot of work in executive functioning this year and I'm sure to be prepared with this great back-to-school product!

And speaking of prepared, I think this planning pack by The Rachel (The Queen's Speech) is going to be so helpful, especially since it's fully editable!  

I'm super excited to get my hands on Nicole's Common Core Cans. I love this concept of quick and easy practice of important skills. 

You may be interested in my very NEW Fall Figurative Language Packet to get your students back in the critical thinking game.  It is CC aligned for grades 3-6 learning levels.  This means that I will be using it with many of my 7/8 learners who struggle with higher level language functions. 

Or- be set for the entire school year with my Year Full of Calendar Activities for Language.  This is my product that I go to at the beginning of each month and I love seeing student growth in their understanding of spatial/temporal concepts as well as executive skills and life skill knowledge.  The bundle is an EXTRA 28% off of the already reduced bundle price!!!!!!!!

Be sure to use the code: BTS14 for a total of 28% off everything at SLPrunner.  This includes all of my already reduced bundles 
(lots of back-to-school shopping).  

Head back to the Jenna's Linky Party for some more great tips.  

Thanks for visiting my blog and Happy Shopping!